Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Independent Author Network ( #IAN1 )

As indie authors we are always looking for ways to promote our work, that's why we're tweeting like sparrows every spare minute we get. Therefore I think it's good for everyone if we share any new opportunities we learn of.
Lots of you will have heard of The Independent Author Network (IAN) from various different sources. I came across it through one of H.E. Joyce's @HEJoyce1 tweets with the link to his IAN page. I was very impressed with the way it was presented and after a tweet to Mr Joyce to see if he was happy with the service I decided to pay my £16 and sign up. I'm glad that I did. So far, one day after my page went live, I've already had some sales, which pleases me greatly!
It was a very easy process to add all my links then to list the books and copy and paste the book cover blurb from wherever it was saved. After it had been looked at by IAN and screened for its content they emailed and asked for jpegs of the book covers and an avatar. A very simple process.
The following day I received an email to say that my page was live and I could hardly wait to look at it. When I did I was really pleased with its presentation. Have a look and see what you think. Maybe you'd like to try it yourself!

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